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Celebrate the next 20 years with us

20 Years ago, CEEPO made its debut at the Miyakojima "Strongman" Triathlon, Japan. Today, CEEPO is enshrined at the Shimano Museum, where the 2018 Eurobike award winning Shadow-R is on display as an example of cutting edge race bike design.

This 20th Anniversary, however, we are not going to celebrate the past. We celebrate the next 20 years at the forefront of aerobike design. Looking forward, the future is aero, fast, versatile and electric.


Happy anniversary to the next 20 years.




The next generation 2023 Viper is a faster, sleeker and more aerodynamic celebration of our 20-year pursuit of unbridled performance. The Viper is our work horse aero specialist, drawing on the unique heritage of the original Viper while combining lessons learned from the Shadow R and Katana to speed athletes from the water to the run to the podium.


WT Romain 010.jpg


“Aero before it was a thing”

Tremblant Romain 006.jpg


CEEPO's Professional Athletes, in collaboration with the CEEPO R&D team, work tirelessly to create the best bikes possible. The feedback of our CEEPO Professional Athletes continues to help us improve our products.


We are extremely fortunate to have these incredible athletes as a part of the CEEPO family.


You can follow our Professional Athletes through our CEEPO Facebook page which will include various race reports and pictures.



CEEPO was founded by Nobuyuki “Joe” Tanaka in Aichi, Japan, 2003 as a niche brand focused on designing aerodynamic solutions for triathlon racing, a sport that places an absolute premium on aerodynamics.


According to legend, Joe began racing Triathlon in 1990. Unsatisfied with the common road bikes used in his first 2 years, Joe decided to custom build his very own Triathlon racing machine. With the help of some Japanese Triathlon specialty stores, the first aluminum model was completed in 1993.


From that moment, Joe began his long obsession with finding aerodynamic solutions for going as fast as possible in sprint, half and Ironman distance events by painstakingly experimenting with frame design, discipline specific geometry and cutting edge of carbon technology.


Experimentation, innovation and the pursuit of aerodynamic excellence as been the CEEPO focus since 2003.


CEEPO’s obsession with finding aerodynamic solutions for triathlon has grown to include road and gravel cycling pursuits.  Leveraging the lessons from a decade in design forward thinking, today, CEEPO remains at the forefront of bike design in order to answer the question: how much faster can we go?


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A True Family Spirit!

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