Light, Fast & Easy to travel with

When we designed the Katana, our goal was to achieve the simplest, fastest, easiest to travel with triathlon bike. It continues to be the best selling Ceepo model every year. There are no special brakes or parts required. The Katana frame can be assembled by any mechanic and at 1080 grams in M size, Katana is one of the lightest Long distance triathlon frames available.  It is very stable and fast in crosswinds; the Katana’s geometry allows for an aggressive forward positioning and is the perfect frame for the athlete that like a traditional, simple, double-triangle frameset!

Truncated Airfoil Tubes: 

Stiffer, lighter aero tubes.



Lowered BB:  

For improved high-speed stability and better overall aerodynamics  BB EVO386.



Internal Di2 Battery Adaptor:  

Accessible battery location in the lower section of the downtube.



Front: disc brake/flat mount/thru axle 100mm 

Rear: disc brake/flat mount/thru axle 142mm 


Reversible Seat Post:

For a wide range of saddle adjustability. 


Head Set:
1-1/8” – 1-1/4”



100% 40T high-modulus carbon frame 

1,195g (M size) 


Sizing Chart


Assembly Guide




Also known as “Kamm tail” or “K-tail”.  You can cut the tail section of an aero tube without the wind seeing it, so we can have nearly round tubes and still obtain aero benefits! We use this technology on all Ceepo frames. 

Easy access to cables,

battery connectors

You can access cables, connectors, and battery on all Ceepo frames without removing BB or other parts. You will not require a skilled mechanic to travel.

Low downtube

aero: A lowered downtube has a shorter leading edge exposed to the wind.

stiffness: Hiding the downtube behind the fork crown allows us to design a wider, stiffer tube section in this critical headtube area without an aero penalty.

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