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As raced in the 2022 Olympics by Oscar Coggins, the Mamba-R is a short course expert, with performance excellence at the Super Sprint, Sprint and Olympic distances. In such events, there is no time to settle into a pace. Everything must be dialed. There is only time for power, acceleration and speed. The Mamba-R does that. It is a stiff, absolutely aero optimized thoroughbred for delivering the upmost in efficient and explosive power transfer at the gun. The long and low triathlon dedicated geometry paired with the reversible seatpost enhances this by allowing athletes to obtain that ideal position to make the most gains when aerodynamics is at premium for elite results.


Stealth Black


Hitashi Blue

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White Knight

The Mamba-R is a versatile aero package.

Configured for triathlon, the Mamba R is a precise race day machine. However, it is not limited to short course triathlon racing. With the reversible seatpost and tire width compliance up to 35mm, the Mamba-R can be configured for road as well as mixed terrain conditions. This makes the Mamba-R an exceptional tool. Athletes can train on the road, sprint for finishes and grab KOMS; when it is time, athletes can make a few adjustments and race tri.


The Mamba-R happens to excel at fast conditions in all conditions and is suited for riders who place a premium on speed and power efficiency over distance, but also like to ride a little off the beaten path to make those connectors. Capable of multiple terrains, events and even configurations, the Mamba-R is ready.

Road. Triathlon. All Road.


Best of all worlds. The Mamba-R adopts the standout aero features of the Stinger with aero lessons learned from years developing triathlon specific frames. This included complete integrated cable pathways, truncated and tapered airfoil tube shapes, optimized aerodynamic profile, aggressive “on the rivet” geometry. All of this is combined with well-mannered handling, ideal for predictable straightaway courses to varied and unpredictable conditions. All of these are applied to a carefully shaped and laid up chassis and fork design meant to create a smooth surface for efficient airflow.

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 9.00.11 AM.png

Aero Tubes

Elegant aero tube shapes take advantage of truncated airfoils which allow the Ceepo to seamlessly combine greater aerodynamics to reduce drag and headwind turbulence while retaining competitive stiffness and weight values.


Short & asymmetrical chainstays

Power transfer is paramount for performance cycling and a stiff BB area is needed to achieve that. Ceepo bikes all have short, stable and asymmetrical chainstays to ensure maximum power transfer.


UCI Legal Design

The Mamba-R is Ceepo's new UCI approved, road bike weapon.



Lowered, aero and vertically compliant. Stays benefit from aero shaping to make a quick and responsive back end while car-bon’s natural absorption qualities to reduce fatigue.

One-Piece fork.png

One-Piece Fork

Integrates with the frame to create a single contiguous profile improving airflow. Flattened wide legs reduce form factors, narrow towards the axle for stability; reducing drag and turbulence, especially in headwind conditions; provide precision handling with a balanced weight to stiffness ratio. The crown tail further smooths airflow over the bike.

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 9.01.36 AM.png

Saddle System

Wide Range Seatpost (WRS) a reversible aero seat post that emphasizes fit customization and generous fore and aft adjustability across aero road and triathlon bikes. Carbon creates a comfortable contact point for reduced fatigue and vibration management. For gravel, carbon for comfort and vibration dampening; a 27.2 diameter for industry wide seat post preference and dropper post compatibility. Make the bike fit the rider.


All new, all aero, still fast next gen combines signature CEEPO airfoil design with Vision/FSA SMR stem cable solution + tire clearance up to 35mm for an integrated all road, all terrain any event cable free versatile platform capable of multiple configurations – road, tri and gravel. 1x or 2x.

Light. Aero. Anywhere. Anytime.


43(XS)/ 46(S)/ 49(M)/ 52(L)/ 55(XL)

Compatible Groupset:

Mechanical and Electronic Shifting, 2x and 1x.




Classified PowerShift Hub

Crankset Max/Min:

Min: 30T

Max: 53T

Bottom bracket:



FSA NO.55R 1.5” ACR headset

Stem Size:

FSA SMR stem.
XS-70mm, S-80mm, M-90mm, L100mm, XL-110mm

Brake & Rotor:

Flat Mount
Rotor160mm Max.

O.L.D. & Axle:

Front: 100mm x Ø12,
Rear: 142mm x Ø12

Seat post:

CEEPO tri-seat post (reversible)

Frameset info:

Frame: 1,120g (M size, naked) 
Fork: 450g (uncut steerer 300mm, naked)

Carbon info:

Japan Toray ®

Tire clearance:

Max 35c


None More Black

Kamado Red




Sizing Chart


Sizing Chart
Models Year 2022
and before


Assembly Guide


Ask your local CEEPO dealer about a Classified upgrade.

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