Aero Advantage


ANNOUNCING CEEPO as the first bike manufacturer to integrate Classified’s Powershift technology with long and short-course triathlon racing bikes.


CEEPO has pursued every aerodynamic advantage in its frame design technology in order to create the ideal conditions for elite performance. Those looking to refine that aero advantage will now get a boost, taking aerodynamics, pedal, and shifting efficiency to the next level with magnificent results for the triathlete - the ability to maintain power and acceleration, accurate instantaneous shifting under load; zero dropped chain and simply never worrying about a lack of gears with 24 gears, small steps, and 451%  range. And, of course, more aero.


1X: Classified PowerShift Hub Essentially provides all the gears by taking one away. The result is crisp. lightening fast, elegant, and efficient drivetrain solution. This team-up emerged out of CEEPO’s desire to see how far it could take its cutting-edge designs by removing the front derailleur without compromising shift fluency or pedal efficiency.


GET IT HOW: Classified's cutting-edge drivetrain technology will be offered to CEEPO customers via CEEPO’s network of global distributors. Every custom-ordered Katana or Shadow will be fitted with a set of Classified carbon wheels featuring the Classified shifting technology. While any CEEPO bike would benefit from this system, we think the triathlon platforms will exceed their marks without any mechanical turbulence to offset the streamlined design of the bikes. If you have an unnatural obsession with crushing triathlon and TT PRs, then look no further than for a Classified + CEEPO system at your nearest CEEPO dealer.




Ceepo works closely with trusted partners and authorized dealers around the world in order to ensure authentic product and quality services. BikeZone is the authorized CEEPO distributor for Thailand and has been so for several years.


Any CEEPO frameset or compete bicycle purchased in Thailand outside of a Bike Zone authorized dealership can not be guaranteed and therefore is ineligible for warranty and/or other services provided by Ceepo International.


Please verify the source when making a purchase. We put our trust in authorized dealers so that you can put your trust in your CEEPO purchase.

For our authorized distributor in Thailand, please contact


Bike Zone or

visit the website at