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unconventional design, unparalleled performance

Ceepo Shadow continues its quest for aerodynamic solutions by adopting and refining the unconventional “Beam” frame design. An uncommon approach that ignores tradition in in favor of unparalleled performance.


Aero gains in the details: The cutting edge Toray carbon chassis reduces drag by removing the leading edge of the  seat tube, down tube and seat stays to provide unparalleled aerodynamics. The “beam” enhances comfort, by dampening vibrations, increases stiffness and power transfer while delivering a stable handling platform for an elite level long-course performance. In addition, the Shadow takes full advantage of the frame space to integrate above and below smart onboard storage. A hidden “bento” box with ample storage for nutrition is carefully tucked into the top tube while a tool box is hidden in low and centered, tucked away from sidewinds.    With stiffness added to the head tube, downtube and bottom bracket, the Shadow still handles as you would expect a bike to handle, yet with enhanced speed dynamics.


The Shadow is an elite performance superbike, and yet provides exceptional convenience for the racer headed to destination events. The Beam design is not only easy to assemble and transport, but there are no proprietary parts. In fact, the Shadow can be assembled and repaired with off the shelf parts widely available in any shop around the world.”


  • less frame - enhanced aerodynamics with the removal of the seat tube and seat stays allows turbulent air to exhaust more efficiently than a standard triangle frame while cross-wind turbulence is decreased

  • fewer leading edges – the Shadow hides everything behind the front wheel, for less air resistance

  • more sail – fewer tubes requires larger tubes. Less becomes more. Increased surface area in key places act as a ‘sail’ in crosswinds

  • enhanced comfort for long rides - the “beam” smooths out low-frequency road bumps and chatter

  • enhanced stability - with increased trail value of 7cm to promote predictable handling

  • wide compatibility - 2x and 1x, mechanical or electronic compatible. Wheels up to 28mm

  • Ceepo signature long and low geometry - for stability, aero position optimization, comfort and reduced fatigue

  • streamlined storage - intelligent “bento” box integration above for ample nutrition, and large tool hatch below for emergency tools and clothing, with weight centered low

  • easy to use - elite performance, yet easy to assemble and repair with off-the-shelf parts rather than proprietary, hard to find parts. Easy to build with great access to cable routing

  • be yourself - stand on top of the podium, but apart from the crowd with stunning, unconventional design



Integrated bento box nests seamlessly into the Shadow’s top tube, hidden beneath a flexible rubber lid enclosed with magnetic fasteners to provide on-board storage. The bento box can be used for nutrition and other items that might need quick access, such as small tools, smartphone and even your keys.


Tool Box

Integrated tool box provides room for an internal bag containing all the loose tools required for “on the fly” repairs while either racing or training. The conveniently accessed tool box is spacious, but with the internal bag limits movement and jostling within the frame. Located low and central to the frame within the kammtail foil, the tool box does not impede stability but adds to it.


Trail values

The 71mm trail values enhance the Shadows performance and handling, yielding an aerodynamic profile for the rider, yet with predictable and well- mannered handling.

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 9.01.36 AM.png

Saddle System

Wide Range Seatpost (WRS) a reversible aero seat post that emphasizes fit customization and generous fore and aft adjustability across aero road and triathlon bikes. Carbon creates a comfortable contact point for reduced fatigue and vibration management. For gravel, carbon for comfort and vibration dampening; a 27.2 diameter for industry wide seat post preference and dropper post compatibility. Make the bike fit the rider.

One-Piece fork.png

One-Piece Fork

Integrates with the frame to create a single contiguous profile improving airflow. Flattened wide legs reduce form factors, narrow towards the axle for stability; reducing drag and turbulence, especially in headwind conditions; provide precision handling with a balanced weight to stiffness ratio. The crown tail further smooths airflow over the bike.

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 9.00.48 AM.png


Aggressive, responsive, stiff and stable. Long and low triathlon geometry allows for streamlined comfortable positioning to amplify power, efficiency and acceleration; aero road bikes inherit neutral road handling from classic road bikes to create a well-mannered, confident, and predictable experience, at speed on flats or descents, but also allowing for an agile climbing experience. Gravel geometry retains the signature features of the aero road bike line, but shortens the rear stays and raises the front end, creating more stability and comfort to reduce fatigue over the distance and across a variety of unpredictable terrain.

Elite long-course performance specialist

“Make Your Own Slipstream”

Specialization: Our elite long-course triathlon specialist engineered for speed. Years in the making, the award-winning Shadow leverages Ceepo’s decade of experimentation and innovation making exceptional aerodynamic solutions for racing. The result: an unabashedly pure aero superbike designed to produce the highest level of performance outcomes for those who put everything on the line.


Frame: The centerpiece of the Shadow is the otherworldly carbon chassis, a sleek yet robust revelation in carbon layup technology: 100% 40T high modulus carbon shaped in such a way to displace airflow evenly across the body allowing the Shadow to defy the wind. The frame offers impressive power transfer, transforms every pedal stroke into forward motion.


The complex design amplifies every aerodynamic advantage. Signature truncated airfoils eliminate leading edges while the continuous beam funnels airflow across the centerline, smoothing out turbulence and therefore reducing drag. The fork design is widely spaced to provide clearance up to 28mm. Be fast, but comfortable. The shape of the fork seamlessly integrates with the frame to reduces headwind turbulence.

Rider Position: The Shadow blends speed, power and efficiency, allowing riders to focus on performance and avoid wasting any energy. While the frameset itself is a powerhouse, the nuanced details are where the Shadow enhances race proficiency. The long and low geometry allows extraordinary aerodynamic rider positioning.  Paired with a reversible seat post and a front end that has industry wide compatibility with aerobars, athletes can refine their position on the bike for optimal personalized aerodynamics. Athletes can get low and comfortable for a sleek profile that allows for sustained power output.


Smart Storage: Athletes need to maximize the bike, but conserve the legs for the run. Bento: In addition to personalized rider positioning, convenient integrated on-board nutrition storage allows for energy smart fueling, minimizing movements that could expend caloric energy as well as disrupt the airflow. An integrated tool box low at the center of the frame allows athletes to carry what they need to make repairs on the fly, but keeps the weight low.


Simple Assembly and Travel: And yet, as a bike designed for the demands of elite level racing, the Shadow is easily disassembled and assembled for transportation to and from destination events.


Sizing Chart


Assembly Guide




Ask your local CEEPO dealer about a Classified upgrade.

Elite performance long-course specialist when speed is the only option. Long and low geometry, personalized adjustability, integrated storage, cutting edge airfoil tubeshapes to reduce turbulence and yet easy to service and assemble when travelling to events.

Groupset Compatibility:

Industry wide compatibility with mechanical and electronic 2x and 1x systems, including, but not limited to:

Shimano di2


FSA K-Force WE

Classified PowerShift Hub


It will accept most stems and bars on the market. Oval front chainrings up to 56 all the way down to compact size due to our twin position front derailleur hanger.


Truncated Airfoil Tubes:

Stiffer, lighter aero tubes.


Integrated Tool Box and Bento Box


Lowered BB:

For improved high-speed stability and better overall aerodynamics BB EVO386.


12 mm thru axle Flat mount brakes Hydraulic or cable.

Max tire clearance:

28 tires with room to spare.


Reversible Seat Post:

For a wide range of saddle adjustability.


Double seat clamp:

Wedge and collar mean it never slips and makes it easy to remove your seat post without losing its position.

Removable front derailleur hanger:

Hi and Lo position.

Head Set:

Upper: Cancreek ViscoSet , lower: 1-1/4


100% 40T high-modulus carbon frame

2,330g Frame (M size, Naked)

500g Fork (Uncut)

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