Packing Shadow-R


The revolutionary CEEPO Shadow-R “SideFork” provides an obvious aerodynamic advantage. However, what you cannot see is that helps dampen road vibration. Assembled with regular parts; our new superframe remains easy to travel and service.


The project goal was simple: to make a faster long-distance triathlon frame, while keeping all of the components standards. That way the athlete can build and travel with it to races like all other Ceepo frames.


Design Goals 

  • remove leading edges 

  • Integrate bento and toolboxes

  • Integrate the highest variety of leading aero bars available

  • Maintain stiffness and power transfer

  • Maintain a wide range of adjustability

  • Keep ease of assembly by using no special components 


The Eurobike Award-winning frame Shadow R is the result of this project and is the most innovative triathlon frame on the market today.

Compatible groupset:
Shimano di2
Sram E-Tap
Sram 1By (cable or electric)
FSA electric

It will accept most stems and bars on the market. Oval front chainrings up to 56 all the way down to compact size due to our twin position front derailleur hanger.


Truncated Airfoil Tubes:

Stiffer, lighter aero tubes.


Integrated Tool Box and Bento Box


Lowered BB:
For improved high-speed stability and better overall aerodynamics BB EVO386.


12 mm thru axle Flat mount brakes Hydraulic or cable.

Max tire clearance:
28 tires with room to spare.


Reversible Seat Post:
For a wide range of saddle adjustability.


Double seat clamp:
Wedge and collar 
mean it never slips and makes it easy to remove your seat post without losing its position.

Removable front derailleur hanger:
Hi and Lo position.

Head Set:
1-1/8” – 1-1/4”

100% 40T high-modulus carbon frame
2,230g Frame (M size)
1,450g Fork


Sizing Chart


Assembly Guide


Tech Doc





Long front center

Most tri bikes front center incorporate road bike dimensions …we design our tri frames with a 20 to 25 mmm longer front center to add stability while keeping handling as normal as possible.

Low BB

Traditionally road bike bb is 7 cm below axles. Ceepo lowers bb by 5 mm on all tri frames adding both stability and improving aerodynamics by lowering rider body at the same time. 

Trail values

Ceepo trail values are 71 mm on average for tri frame and 65 for road frames bringing back perfect handling of the past to current racing bikes.

Step 1
Turn the fork sideways, so its invisible to the wind.
Step 2
Blend it into the frame so there are no leading edges. 
Step 3
Shield the wheel and hub.
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