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The bike the wind can’t see! 

A few years ago, the Ceepo R&D team were ready to design a bold frame. At the start of this project, we met Damon Millar who had an idea to turn the fork sideways, to make it invisible to the wind and shield the front wheel, allowing a smaller rim height on tri bikes. A few weeks later we decided to evolve this idea into a bold new type of aero-fork, and a bike frame that took advantage of its unique wind-shadow. The Shadow frame project was launched.



From CFD to WT


CEEPO's Professional Athletes, in collaboration with the CEEPO R&D team, work tirelessly to create the best bikes possible. The feedback of our CEEPO Professional Athletes continues to help us improve our products.


We are extremely fortunate to have these incredible athletes as a part of the CEEPO family.


You can follow our Professional Athletes through our CEEPO Facebook page which will include various race reports and pictures.



Named after one of the greatest ancient Samurai warriors,  CEEPHO, Nobuyuki “Joe” Tanaka started CEEPO in Aichi, Japan in 2003.

Joe Tanaka started racing in the sport of Triathlon in 1990. Being unsatisfied with the common road bikes used in his first 2 years of racing, Joe decided to custom build his very first Triathlon racing machine. With the help of some Japanese Triathlon specialty stores, the first aluminum model was completed in 1993. 



A True Family Spirit!