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Design Ethos

CEEPO is obsessed with perfection in the pursuit of aerodynamic solutions. As a practice, our design ethos embodies takumi 「匠」 or the way of the artisan. It is a practice of full concentration on a single thing, act, task or purpose, removing all distractions and noise in order to inhabit an absolute space of focus, so that technique, elegance of movement, purpose, discipline and creativity can flourish in producing the greatest possible expression of that intent.

Takumi is at the heart of CEEPO’s identity and mission. It is both an aspiration and practice to make that one thing perfectly. It drives CEEPO to pursue perfection in innovation by crafting frames purpose built for speed.

Tremblant Romain 013.jpg

Pioneers in Aero Bike Design

Innovation : Ceepo is a leading name in innovative aerodynamic solutions for triathlon bike design. The 2018 Eurobike Award confirmed this when awarding the Shadow R with design of the year, a culmination of years of design forward thinking and evolution.


Pioneer : Ceepo is also at the forefront of road bike design, pioneering in the aero road category before aero was even a thing. Over a decade ago, Ceepo redefined the classic road platform when Joe Tanaka took aerodynamic features from his triathlon designs and applied them to classic road bike format resulting in the ambitious Mamba. With its teardrop tube shapes and swooping kammtail airfoils, the Mamba was well head of its time in 2010.

Aero is Everything : Ceepo has quietly refined its aero dynamic features across the family of bikes, both triathlon and aero road bikes and continues to lead design and innovation, obsessively revising each bike in the search of the most aerodynamic solution for going forward as fast and efficiently as possible.


DNA :  Already at the pinnacle of triathlon design, the Mamba solidified Ceepo as a class leader in the emerging aero road category, inheriting the signature “Always Aero” Ceepo DNA design features: kammtail, truncated airfoils, elongated top tube with lower front end, aggressive forward position, increased reach for stability. It combined these with classic road geometry got a stable platform, that while aero, retained predictable and neutral handling.

WT Romain 003.jpg

Aero before it was a thing

Aero legacy : benefits from decades of aerodynamic innovation attained from our own experimentation with triathlon bike design, a journey that began as an effort to find the fastest way forward for triathlon racing where a premium on aerodynamics have always been placed, but design tech remains unencumbered by UCI limitations. The lessons gained were then leveraged across the line of Ceepo bikes. From the very first Viper to the Eurobike design award winning Shadow-R, form follows function.


Optimized Airflow : For Ceepo, the function of each frame design leverages cutting edge carbon manufacturing and the science of airflow to maximize forward motion. Always aero, tube shapes follow, dead material reduced, truncated airfoils replace conventional ovalized tubes.

Designs are refined to avoid dead material, reduce turbulence while optimizing speed, streamlined posture, comfort, efficiency and power transfer over the distance.


Tradition & Innovation : While conventional design features are jettisoned, Ceepo frames retain the stiffness, weight values and expectations of non-aero frame experience. Careful attention is paid to features cyclists expect – lateral stiffness, deliberate weight saving, stability and confident handling over a variety of surfaces in some times less than ideal conditions.


Faster. Better. : Aerodynamic solutions for triathlon have been applied to our road bikes. The result is a series of features embedded in each frame design throughout the Ceepo collec-tion. All with a simple, yet meaningful outcome:  The faster a rider pedals, doesn’t mean they work harder, but economically, preserving energy while amplifying acceleration.


Tire Width Statement 

Ceepo frames are designed around tire/wheel clearance specifications. In order for customers to remain width compliant, Ceepo recommends 4 mm of clearance around any tire/wheel combination installed, while allowing up to 3mm at the wheel base seat tube cutout on either side of the chain stays. Tire sizes, of course, vary from one tire manufacturer to another, so we always recommend that riders double check tire clearance immediately after installing their new tire.

Tire Width Chart
Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 8.23.46 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 9.36.17 AM.png

Long & Low

Ceepo triathlon frames are designed by triathletes for triathletes with deliberate focus on creating the ideal experience and aerodynamic position. Based on user input, Ceepo triathlon bikes feature longer front wheel base, longer trail values, and a shorter head tube, all of which translates to increased speed. Not only does this allow for an aggressive, forward position but maintains safe and predictable handling at all speeds.


So, we design our bikes around this simple goal.  With this long and low position dialed, the next logical step is to rotate forward around the BB axle to get an aerodynamic advantage. In the past, we were riding forward more or less 5 cm more than road cyclists, but presently, thanks to advances in position technology, the position of elite triathletes is 8 to 10 cm more than road racing position. With this geometry embedded in frame design, Ceepo triathletes can get long and low, find that perfect aerodynamic position for short and long course events.


Simply said, Ceepo is made up of cyclists making bikes for cyclists. As triathletes too, we aim at creating the conditions to ride faster, longer and with sustained power over the distance.

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 9.00.11 AM.png

Aero Tubes

Elegant aero tube shapes take advantage of truncated airfoils which allow the Ceepo to seamlessly combine greater aerodynamics to reduce drag and headwind turbulence while retaining competitive stiffness and weight values.

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 9.01.15 AM.png


Optimal Strength and Modulus Carbon (OSMC) working with cutting edge Toray carbon and a solid inner molding process to create complex signature aero carbon tube shapes. This results in a carbon frame with smoothed out internal surfaces, eliminating frame imperfections and weak spots for improved performance, strength, stiffness and compliance. Not to mention, reliability.

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 9.00.48 AM.png


Aggressive, responsive, stiff and stable. Long and low triathlon geometry allows for streamlined comfortable positioning to amplify power, efficiency and acceleration; aero road bikes inherit neutral road handling from classic road bikes to create a well-mannered, confident, and predictable experience, at speed on flats or descents, but also allowing for an agile climbing experience. Gravel geometry retains the signature features of the aero road bike line, but shortens the rear stays and raises the front end, creating more stability and comfort to reduce fatigue over the distance and across a variety of unpredictable terrain.

One-Piece fork.png

One-Piece Fork

Integrates with the frame to create a single contiguous profile improving airflow. Flattened wide legs reduce form factors, narrow towards the axle for stability; reducing drag and turbulence, especially in headwind conditions; provide precision handling with a balanced weight to stiffness ratio. The crown tail further smooths airflow over the bike.



Lowered, aero and vertically compliant. Stays benefit from aero shaping to make a quick and responsive back end while car-bon’s natural absorption qualities to reduce fatigue.

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 9.01.44 AM.png


Hidden Cable Pathways for total front end aero integration. With internal cable routing and cable free pathway solutions via partnerships with FSA and Token, Ceepo creates clean and aero front ends that smooth air flow, reduce drag and headwind turbulence. For some models, the clean lines create a snag free frame interface for attaching frame bags for long haul adventures.


Frame and fork integration

Wide tire clearance and cable management are made easier with a straight 1.5” headtube. The hidden one-piece fork and steerer tube are your secret weapon.


Bottle recess

seat tube design

Mounting bolts are positioned to put a second bottle centered low in just the right place for longer rides.

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 9.01.36 AM.png

Saddle System

Wide Range Seatpost (WRS) a reversible aero seat post that emphasizes fit customization and generous fore and aft adjustability across aero road and triathlon bikes. Carbon creates a comfortable contact point for reduced fatigue and vibration management. For gravel, carbon for comfort and vibration dampening; a 27.2 diameter for industry wide seat post preference and dropper post compatibility. Make the bike fit the rider.

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