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Premium Aero bike for Road Purists 

The Stinger is the fullest manifestation of CEEPO's design forward legacy. It is a premiere racing platform, meticulously engineered for the explicit goal of racing fast.


XS (ST:430) S (ST: 460) M (ST:490) L  (ST:520)

Compatible Groupset:

Shimano Di2 & Mechanical 

SRAM eTap AXS & Mechanical

Campagnolo EPS & Mechanical 

Classified PowerShift Hub 

FSA K-Force WE 

Crankset Max/Min:


Max: 54/40T

Min: 50/34T


Max: 54T

Min: 34T


Lowered Bottom Bracket:

Improved high speed stability and aerodynamics. 



FSA NO.55R 1.5” ACR headset

Stem Size:

FSA SMR stem.
XS-70mm, S-80mm, M-90mm, L100mm, XL-110mm


Brake & Rotor:

Flat Mount
Rotor160mm Max.

O.L.D. & Axle:

Front: 100mm x Ø12, Pitch:1.5

Rear: 142mm x Ø12, Pitch:1.5

Seat post:

Lightweight CEEPO Road Seatpost 

Ø Zero Offset

Weight: 171g

Frameset info:

Frame: 850g (M size, naked) 

Fork: 404g (uncut steerer 300mm, naked)

Carbon info:

Japan Toray ®

Tire clearance:

Max: 30C






Sizing Chart


Sizing Chart
Models Year 2022
and before


Assembly Guide

Lighter. Wider. Still Fast. The Stinger combines aerodynamic experimentation and innovation with the road bike tradition, delivering a performance oriented aero road racing platform like few others. 

This is not your all-day bike, unless you plan to ride your bike all day fast. Very. Fast. And the latest iteration of the Stinger sheds grams with an all new, in-house designed lightweight road seatpost that brings a touch of road compliance to the ride experience. In addition, Stinger adds a wider tire clearance, taking up to 30mm tires, broadening the road surface compliance versatility and increasing overall comfort. The Stinger still flies with 25’s, rolls smooth with 28s, but adds a bit of luxury with 30mm tires.  


The Stinger provides advanced aerodynamics resulting in a streamlined, well-mannered experience that merges classic road bike ride quality with a fully integrated aerodynamic design.


“On the rivet” CEEPO’s approach to designing the Stinger’s geometry inherits characteristics from years of designing triathlon bikes. This experience enables CEEPO to combine aggressive “on the rivet” position-ing while delivering balanced and reliable handling.  To realize this, CEEPO combines dramatic aerodynamic features, such as truncated airfoil tube shapes, with road neutral geometry to offer a stable, compliant, stiff and well mannered, yet incredibly aggressive racing platform capable of bringing all these features into graceful harmony when at speed.

In order to create the Stinger’s aggressive position that handles well at speed, CEEPO shifted the trail window from 40-60 mm to 50-70mm and lowered the bottom bracket 5mm. The devil is in the details, and these minute details make for significant performance gains.


The overall effect is a bike that excels at speed, disappears underneath the rider, requires very little input to manage and frees up the rider to place exertion where it counts: speed and power.


All of these refinements translate to performance gains in a sleek and aerodynamically refined package. When you are on the rivet, the Stinger delivers by amplifying every watt into efficient forward motion. Simply put, the new Stinger is faster on the flats, lighter on the climbs and sharper on descents.


Everything you expect from a modern carbon aero road bike, only faster.


Frame and fork integration

Wide tire clearance and cable management are made easier with a straight 1.5” headtube. The hidden one-piece fork and steerer tube are your secret weapon.


Bottle recess

seat tube design

Mounting bolts are positioned to put a second bottle centered low in just the right place for longer rides.

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 9.00.11 AM.png

Aero Tubes

Elegant aero tube shapes take advantage of truncated airfoils which allow the Ceepo to seamlessly combine greater aerodynamics to reduce drag and headwind turbulence while retaining competitive stiffness and weight values.

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 9.01.44 AM.png


Hidden Cable Pathways for total front end aero integration. With internal cable routing and cable free pathway solutions via partnerships with FSA and Token, Ceepo creates clean and aero front ends that smooth air flow, reduce drag and headwind turbulence. For some models, the clean lines create a snag free frame interface for attaching frame bags for long haul adventures.

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 9.01.15 AM.png


Optimal Strength and Modulus Carbon (OSMC) working with cutting edge Toray carbon and a solid inner molding process to create complex signature aero carbon tube shapes. This results in a carbon frame with smoothed out internal surfaces, eliminating frame imperfections and weak spots for improved performance, strength, stiffness and compliance. Not to mention, reliability.

One-Piece fork.png

One-Piece Fork

Integrates with the frame to create a single contiguous profile improving airflow. Flattened wide legs reduce form factors, narrow towards the axle for stability; reducing drag and turbulence, especially in headwind conditions; provide precision handling with a balanced weight to stiffness ratio. The crown tail further smooths airflow over the bike.


Stinger 5.0

While still maintaining classic road frame handling mixed with the latest carbon-fiber technology, the new Stinger has been improved in every way. The Stinger is able to compete with the very best since it is now over 120 grams lighter than previous generations and 20% stiffer in key places than the previous generations.  28mm tire clearance provides riders with more tire width options. Internal cable routing for shift and brake cables brings integration to the highest level.

SMR stem from Vision/FSA

In a slight swing from frameset tradition, included with the frameset is an SMR stem from Vision/FSA. Integration with the full 1.5” headtube, headset, and steerer tube to guide brake and gear cables internally. This allows for a more efficient and aerodynamic profile while also giving easy access for maintenance. The SMR system lets you use any handlebar and avoids compatibility issues.

XS and S - 90mm, M - 100mm, L - 110mm

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