Longer reach and low stack

Aerobars and stem choice evolved towards a larger range of adjustment these last few years allowing us to reduce stacks for elite racers while keeping enough range to accommodate more relaxed positioning ; at the same time we see evolution toward more forward position, providing better power and transition to running by opening hip angle, longer reach plus more stable handling of Ceepo frames allows riders to take maximum advantage of this trend.



It is common knowledge that once an athlete has found a perfect racing position to apply power, the next logical step is to rotate forward around the BB axle to get an aerodynamic advantage, we all know that! In the recent past, we were riding forward more or less 5 cm more than roadies but presently, thanks to advances in positioning technology, the triathlon position of elite athletes is radically forward around 8 to 10 cm more than road racing position.


Ceepo frames are designed by triathletes for triathletes riding forward. A longer front wheel base, longer trail values, and a shorter head tube will provide speed in real life. Not only allowing aggressive position but also providing safe and predictable handling at all speeds.


Simply said, we are triathletes and we aim at riding faster so we design our bikes around this simple goal.