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What size tires do your bikes accept?  

All bike models accept 700cc rims. Rindo is the only platform that accepts both 700c and 650b. 

What is the tire clearance for your bikes?

We have a nifty chart just for this question. See Tire Width Chart. 

What is the best tire/width combination for my intended use? 

Tire/width combination considers frame limits, rider preference, and purpose. However, generally stated: Road: 28mm-32mm; Triathlon 25-28mm; light, smooth, fast, and predictable gravel 32-35mm; gravel adventure 38mm-45mm; Bikepacking 700x45mm or 650x2.1. 

I am not sure which bike to buy? How do your bikes differ?  

While different CEEPO bikes serve different purposes, they all emphasize an aero orientation. View the following chart for more information. 

See Overview. 

Which size do you recommend?

See Size Chart for individual bike models.

Where can I buy your bike?  

You can pick up the CEEPO of your dreams from any of our global networks of authorized partners.  See the Contact-Us page.

How can I be a CEEPO Dealer?  

Please fill out our Dealer Application. The link will be available soon.

What is the rider and equipment weight limit?  

The combined maximum weight limit is 110 kg, (242.5lbs).

Am I required to only use the FSM SMR/TOKEN Cable Box systems with my Stinger, Mamba R, or Rindo? 

Not at all. Both FSA and TOKEN are designed for industry-wide compatibility with any stem/bar combination. 

How can I purchase CEEPO Parts and Accessories? 

See the Shop section.

Why is CEEPO geometry different from other bike brands?  

CEEPO offers performance-oriented ride experiences and has historically pursued every aerodynamic advantage through the material as well as geometry innovations. CEEPO developed the Long and Low Geometry to enhance aerodynamics by moving the body low and forward.  As a result, this favors a slightly aggressive forward “race-oriented” position. For TRIATHLON, the performance advantage is increased aerodynamics, low and centered body position, and stability. The rider is placed in the ideal position for pedal efficiency. For our AERO ROAD bikes, this Long and Low Geo is paired with classic neutral handling. The performance advantage is an aggressive fast position that is stable at high speeds, yet remains well mannered, requiring little rider input. 

Which aero road bike is best for endurance riding? 

Rindo offers our most ideal endurance-oriented geometry out of the box. The Rindo is our long-haul, adventure-built model. While a gravel bike by name, it is in fact a much more diverse platform and offers a premium ride experience that includes gravel as well as pavement. The higher front end is there, but the secret is in the Rindo’s ability to accept multiple configurations based on your purpose and preference. Set up with 28mm or 38mm road tubeless, for example, will offer the comfort necessary for endurance riding across a wide spectrum of route lengths and terrain variability. All day, all weekend, all week, or even all month. We designed the Rindo to tackle rowdy gravel to transcontinental events. 

Our Aero Road Stinger and multi-use Mamba R can approximate an endurance fit. The secret here is the diversity of handlebar/stem combinations offered with the FSA SMR or Token Cable box systems. These allow for full to semi-integrated setups, but can also accept any stem handlebar combination you would like. For ENDURANCE, we suggest Rindo. If you own the Stinger and Mamba R, work with your bike fit specialist and explore handlebar and stem combinations appropriate to allow a more upright and comfort-oriented endurance format. 

I am a triathlete. Which triathlon bike should I get?  

All of our triathlon bikes are performance-oriented and race-ready. However, each triathlon bike provides a triathlon distance specialization. 

  • The Shadow is our long-course performer, ideally suited for Full Ironman distances, though no slouch at the Half-ironman. The Shadow is best suited for fast less hilly courses with stable and predictable weather conditions. Think: hot day on the Queen K. Event: Kona. 

  • The Katana is also suitable for long-course events, but ideal for courses that require more rider input for handling hilly and variable courses with unpredictable weather conditions such as crosswinds. The Katana is also easy to travel with. Event: Lanzarote. 

  • The Mamba R sits at the intersection of aero road and triathlon racing, purpose-built for road racing and fast aero short-course triathlon distances in all road and weather conditions. The Mamba R is equipped with a reversible seat post to enhance rider bike position. As a short course triathlon specialist, the Mamba R is best suited for Super-Sprint, Sprint, and Olympic distances; for road, Mamba R slays any criterium circuit. 

  • The Viper is our fully integrated mid to long-course expert suited for Full and Half Ironman distances. Key aero enhancements are the truncated airfoils and Aero Brake Technology that conceals brake calipers creating an aero optimized surface area. The Viper excels at all courses, from predictable to unpredictable terrain and weather conditions. Viper manages to stay fast and undaunted by headwinds and crosswind turbulence alike. Think Kona, Utah, Nice, Lanzarote. 

Which aero bike is best for gravel?   

CEEPO offers two aero gravel-ready bikes. The Mamba R, which accepts up to 35mm tires and suitable for groomed, light and fast gravel. The Rindo is ready-made for all gravel conditions, accepting 650x2.1 to 700x45mm tires for most off-road experiences. Both bikes can be run fully or semi-integrated for a clean and aero front end. Both can also accept 1x and 2x drivetrain setups. 

Do you offer a “quiver killer” platform that can be used for more than one style of riding?  

Both the Mamba R and the Rindo are purpose-built provide multiple ride experiences. The Mamba R is a blend of road, triathlon, and gravel prowess. The Rindo is a gravel adventure platform that can accept multiple wheel widths and drive train setups for dirt and pavement, from gravel riding (35mm) to bikepacking (45mm) (28mm-32mm) to off-road (650x2.1) to endurance road riding (28mm-32mm). While both provide multiple rider experiences, the Mamba R is more appropriate for fast and predictable riding, road or gravel; the Rindo leans towards comfort over the long-haul.

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