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Save Watts. Save Money. Save Planet!


*3.9 Watts, in fact. The Viper 3D Toolbox Model is an open access design for a custom fit add-on accessory specifically for current Viper owners. And it is FREE. While providing aerodynamic and practical everyday solutions, the toolbox is also one of several actions CEEPO is taking towards sustainability while providing a cost-effective option for Viper owners. 


Viper Toolbox is a slim, aerodynamic case that seamlessly fits the elegant aero tube shapes of the Viper. While adding a little aero enhancement to the Viper, the toolbox provides a practical solution for on-the-fly needs. The easy access storage that can fit a bike repair kit and a few other 911 essentials for training days and race days alike. 


Compatible Material and Devices. 

Toolbox requires access to a 3D printer. The design is compatible with most 3D printers. Nylon is the most common filament. 

Water Bottle: Optimized for use with the Elite Aero Bottle style water bottles. 


*3.9Watts with Large Viper with Keforma Team at Hepia Geneva Windtunnels 


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