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Katana 刀

Mid to long-course performer

The Katana Disc is named after the Japanese short sword 刀 or かたな developed over centuries is a source of inspiration, not only in name but form and function: a quick handling weapon due to its elegant curved, slender, single-edged blade. Regarded as both a devastating weapon and work of art, the Katana is light, practical and effective.


The Katana Disc hits the sweet spot for Ceepo, combining efficiency, stability and capability in a well-crafted aerodynamic solution for triathlon racing.


Versatile Race Machine: The Katana D is a bike for every occasion, efficient on a variety of courses across all event distances - sprint, half and full ironman distances. More importantly, the Katana can go fast regardless of the terrain. Hilly, windy, straight or flat. The Katana does it all.

The Kanata is a stable, fast accelerating platform. There is a reason so many of Ceepo’s athletes choose this weapon for all their endeavors.

Aero:  NACA 002 and 0021  truncated  airfoil  tube  shapes  at  the downtube, fork and seat stay combines with a traditional double triangle frame in order to  enhance aerodynamic proficiency.


Personalized Geometry:  The long and low geometry allows riders  aggressive forwards position to minimize turbulence and optimize slipstream positioning, comfort and speed.


Customize:  Add to this a headset and front end that is endlessly customizable allowing for industry wide aerobar compatibility, from off the shelf to 3D printed customized set ups. The reversible saddle also enhances rider specific fit.


Simple Assembly and Travel: And yet, as a bike designed for the demands of elite level racing, the Shadow is easily disassembled and assembled for transportation to and from destination events.


Weight: The Katana D is a lean machine too, with a Medium frameset coming in at only 1195g (Naked)


Aero Tubes

Elegant aero tube shapes take advantage of truncated airfoils which allow the Ceepo to seamlessly combine greater aerodynamics to reduce drag and headwind turbulence while retaining competitive stiffness and weight values. 


Easy access to cables,

battery connectors

You can access cables, connectors, and battery on all Ceepo frames without removing BB or other parts. You will not require a skilled mechanic to travel.

Low downtube

aero: A lowered downtube has a shorter leading edge exposed to the wind.

stiffness: Hiding the downtube behind the fork crown allows us to design a wider, stiffer tube section in this critical headtube area without an aero penalty.

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 9.01.36 AM.png

Saddle System

Wide Range Seatpost (WRS) a reversible aero seat post that emphasizes fit customization and generous fore and aft adjustability across aero road and triathlon bikes. Carbon creates a comfortable contact point for reduced fatigue and vibration management. For gravel, carbon for comfort and vibration dampening; a 27.2 diameter for industry wide seat post preference and dropper post compatibility. Make the bike fit the rider.

One-Piece fork.png

One-Piece Fork

Integrates with the frame to create a single contiguous profile improving airflow. Flattened wide legs reduce form factors, narrow towards the axle for stability; reducing drag and turbulence, especially in headwind conditions; provide precision handling with a balanced weight to stiffness ratio. The crown tail further smooths airflow over the bike.

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 9.00.48 AM.png


Aggressive, responsive, stiff and stable. Long and low triathlon geometry allows for streamlined comfortable positioning to amplify power, efficiency and acceleration; aero road bikes inherit neutral road handling from classic road bikes to create a well-mannered, confident, and predictable experience, at speed on flats or descents, but also allowing for an agile climbing experience. Gravel geometry retains the signature features of the aero road bike line, but shortens the rear stays and raises the front end, creating more stability and comfort to reduce fatigue over the distance and across a variety of unpredictable terrain.


Sizing Chart


Assembly Guide




Ask your local CEEPO dealer about a Classified upgrade.

Light, Fast & Easy to travel with

When we designed the Katana, our goal was to achieve the simplest, fastest, easiest to travel with triathlon bike. It continues to be the best selling Ceepo model every year. There are no special brakes or parts required. The Katana frame can be assembled by any mechanic and at 1080 grams in M size, Katana is one of the lightest Long distance triathlon frames available.  It is very stable and fast in crosswinds; the Katana’s geometry allows for an aggressive forward positioning and is the perfect frame for the athlete that like a traditional, simple, double-triangle frameset!

Compatible Groupsets:

Industry wide compatibility with mechanical and electronic 2x and 1x systems, including, but not limited to:

Shimano di2


FSA K-Force WE

Classified PowerShift Hub

Truncated Airfoil Tubes: 

Stiffer, lighter aero tubes.



Lowered BB:  

For improved high-speed stability and better overall aerodynamics  BB EVO386.



Internal Di2 Battery Adaptor:  

Accessible battery location in the lower section of the downtube.



Front: disc brake/flat mount/thru axle 100mm 

Rear: disc brake/flat mount/thru axle 142mm 


Reversible Seat Post:

For a wide range of saddle adjustability. 


Head Set:
1-1/8” – 1-1/4”



100% 40T high-modulus carbon frame 

1,195g (M size, naked) 



CEEPO Custom Decals

A color for every season, from your training season to your race season to your off season and everything in between.

Ceepo currently offers laser cut vinyl decals in a wide variety of colors to customize the look of your Mamba-R and Katana-R bikes. CEEPOs vinyl decal color kits are an easy way for you to customize the look of your CEEPO for any occasion. Match your race on race day, match your kit, mood, charity or simply add a little color to get those new bike feels.

Choose any single color kit. If you are feeling flush and live on the edge, choose several sets to mix and match. The choice is yours and limited only by your imagination. Ceepo decals are easy to apply and remove, making for a great customization feature for your bikes.


Weather proof. Sweat proof. Future proof.

Decals Katana


• Set of rad custom decals from CEEPO

• Your Mamba-R and or Katana

• A bike stand or other way to firmly secure your bike

• An Alcohol Pad

• Bike Polish


• Each decal assembly kit consists of 3 layers

• The top layer is called the “protective backing.”

• The middle layer holds the decal itself and called the “decal protector.”

• The bottom layer is the “adhesive protector” and is white in color.

CEEPO Custom Decals


Ensure that your bike is secured and will not move during installation process, such as in a bike stand.



Use alcohol pad to thoroughly clean surface of fork and frame free of all that FTP wattage grit and grime.



Using scissors or an X-Acto knife, cut out each individual letter, so that it is easier to overly and align the letters over the current stock decals on the frame and fork.



Before applying the new decal, spray water onto the surface of the frame over the stock decal where you intend to apply the new one. This step will make it easier to manipulate the new decal exactly where you want it.



Peel the bottom free from the adhesive white paper.



Align and overlay the new decal on top of the stock Ceepo decal.



Once the decal is in place, touch down in the center of the decal graphic first and gently work your way outward to smooth out any imperfections and avoid trapping air bubbles.



Slowly peel off the protector sheet. While the decal will set immediately, it is not permanently affixed. You can adjust the decal once it is applied.



Finish the frame with a protectant like furniture polish or any bike-specific frame polish.



Dazzle your friends with those new bike feels as you ride them off your wheel and don’t forget to take picture of the finished product and share it with CEEPO on Instagram!

Best Application & Use

The Ceepo custom decal kit is a single use, disposable and athlete friendly color overlay to add to your frame for a single race, season or as long as you want to keep them on the frame. Ceepo custom decals are made from vinyl and gently adhere to the frame. The material will not harm the stock frame decal or paint. Ceepo can promise that the decal kit is best looking after its first application. Ceepo does not recommended repeated use of the decals as the material will stretch and lose integrity over time.



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