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Stealth Black

MY24 Viper_Front.jpg

Koniro Blue

Introducing the NEW Viper


The Viper is the original iconic CEEPO triathlon platform, ahead of its time, designed against convention to bring cutting edge performance to the race course. The original Viper trashed the rulebook on triathlon bike design to explore how far carbon tubes could be shaped to obtain performance centered aerodynamic advantage. In doing so, the original Viper created its own "against the grain" tradition, guided by out of the box thinking to make fast bikes slip through the wind.

Viper 2.0.

The next generation 2023 Viper is a faster, sleeker and more aerodynamic celebration of our 20-year pursuit of unbridled performance. The Viper is our work horse aero specialist, drawing on the unique heritage of the original Viper while combining lessons learned from the Shadow R and Katana to speed athletes from the water to the run to the podium.



The 2023 Viper doesn’t overcomplicate things, but makes its statement through subtlety and attention to detail. And this is what set’s Viper apart: a frame design that is dramatically streamlined, yet packs a serious punch. Elegant, understated, yet aerodynamic and explosive. A fuss free powerhouse that will take care of the bike split, so that you can take care of the rest.


Just aero. Just fast. Nothing else.


All the Aero in One.

The Viper distills 20 years of expertise into a minimalist, aero optimized race bike that doubles down on the key components for going fast: geometry, carbon quality, weight and aerodynamics. This less is more approach fine tunes tube shape design so that carbon is placed where it matters most while eliminating unnecessary material that could weight the bike down. If it doesn’t make you faster, it’s not on the Viper.


Less isn't just more; less is faster.


Viper is a well-rounded mid to long course specialist, fast on the flats, agile, efficient on climbs and undaunted by headwind turbulence and crosswinds; comfortable and well-mannered when riders are in the extensions or rocking out of the saddle; quick to accelerate at the best of times; stable through unpredictable road and weather conditions at the worst of times. 


Perfect even when the day isn’t. 


Viper balances weight and stiffness with an aerodynamic chassis that amplifies pedal input. Truncated airfoil tube profiles are strategically yet economically used where it matters, from the downtube to the stays, seat and head tube and fork blades. Increased trail values offer stability and handling at speed. The top tube tapers, shedding weight as it narrows towards the seat tube. A reversible carbon seat post offers fit customization while dampening road chatter. No more cables. Full cable pathway integration reduces headwind turbulence, concealing cables and hoses out of sight, out of mind and out of the wind. Lowered seat stays reduce drag force while CEEPO Aero Brake Technology conceals the brake calipers and enhances airflow across the bike.  Top tube mounts provide onboard storage when needed. Tire width versatility provides up to 28mm tires.

Viper Details:

  • Integrated Cable Pathways

  • Aero Brake Technology (ABT)

  • Light and stiff Toray Carbon Layup

  • Increased Trail Values

  • Refined Airfoil Tube Profiles

  • Lowered Drag Resistant Seat Stays

  • Steeper Seat Tube Angle

  • Tuned for Comfort/Power Geometry 

  • Reversible carbon seat post

  • Tire versatility 700x23- 700x28

  • On the Go Ease of Travel


Aero Brake Technology

Unique to the Viper, ABT conceals each brake caliper behind a carbon shield, effectively hiding each brake caliper from the wind while enhancing airflow at these key points. As part of a system, ABT creates a unified surface allowing the air to flow efficiently and smoothly over the front end, across the Kammtail downtube and rearward reducing the low-pressure wake. Combined with the cable free cockpit, the total aerodynamics of the Viper enable a comprehensive surface area that reduces drag across the entire bike. Lowered seat stays further reduce drag force while providing stable support, especially when athletes are putting down the power in the long and low forward position.


Cable Integration

If wind resistance is a triathlete's greatest adversary, the Viper is the triathlete's greatest ally. The Viper minimizes frontal surface area by completely concealing the cable and hoses out of sight, out of mind and out of the wind. Doing so creates a clean front end that reduces headwind turbulence and overall drag. So, yeah, basically more aero. Cable free also means there is nothing to interfere with aerobar hydration set up. Most importantly, it just looks great.

Viper 2.png

Evolved Geo

2023 Viper front center is longer while trail values have been increased. Where most brands design front center at 8cm in relation to wheel base, CEEPO increased front center 20% to allow that aggressive position while retaining stable handling at speed; an EVO386 bottom bracket provides the necessary stiffness while the BB has been dropped 5mm to boost stability and aero performance, especially when riders are on the rivet. A steeper seat tube angle moves the adjustment window forward, placing the rider in the ideal forward position.


All of these Viper features bring athletes into alignment with the latest in aerodynamic positioning, pedal efficiency, power transfer and comfort within rider fit specifications. The Viper not only provides the speed, but comfort and stability. All necessary when athletes are giving it their all while tucked into a long and low aero position.

WT Romain 010.jpg

Ease of Travel

Destination events are a key aspect of a triathlete’s life, whether enthusiast, age-grouper or pro. Ease of travel is a hallmark of the 2023 Viper. The Viper requires as little as a multitool to set up or disassemble without compromising components or offsetting your bike position.  The Viper uses off the shelf and easy to access parts too should any emergencies arise.


What a great bike! The new Viper is the perfect combination between rigidity and comfort, with no compromise regarding aerodynamics. My first ride on the Viper was on flat roads and then I decided the other day to climb some Cols where I live in France. French mythic cols like Izoard, Galibier are quite demanding, but I was feeling great with the Viper. The bike climbs as well as the Stinger aero road bike.  For me the Viper is the perfect frame for flat and hilly races! 

Romain Guillaume


Compared to the previous Viper, the 2023 version improves stiffness and is lighter. The Viper 2023 is responsive as well, with immediate and explosive power transfer from the first pedal stroke. The bike is really stable and secure at high speed, which I personally tested training at Lake Placid. I managed to get the Viper up to 91.2kmh over my personal best on that same descent, which was 84.5 kph. On climbs, I averaged a 1 minute less that my previous best. This is a beautiful bike too. The style and color make it a real head turner.

Patrice Brisindi


The new VIPER is impressive. I haven't had a bike like this before. Pedal efficiency is immediately impressive. With the new frame, I was able to increase the front chainring to a 53t and yet to my surprise I was climbing 6% gradient in the big ring without even noticing it. Now, I'm as easy uphill as on the flats! And I am not a good climber! On the flats, the speed is exponential; everything is calculated to go fast. The ABT hidden brake calipers are a nice touch, leaving nothing against the wind. The aerodynamics allows you to go much faster. This bike is made for performance and when the legs are there, it's a real pleasure to ride. I feel like I've been a better cyclist since I got the Viper. One last thing I have to mention is the unique with a typical CEEPO shape and beautiful paintwork. The makes beautiful bike really attracts the eye of connoisseurs. I have ridden a number of CEEPO bikes during my career. The VIPER is really different and it is the one I prefer

Frederic Serverino


Sizing Chart


Sizing Chart
Models Year 2022
and before


Ask your local CEEPO dealer about a Classified upgrade.

A classic CEEPO triathlon frame redesigned for 2023.

A classic CEEPO triathlon frame redesigned for 2023. Viper is a mid to long course specialist refining 20 years of performance innovation into a lightweight, stiff, stable, no nonsense performance machine. Speed enhanced aero upgrades include integrated cable pathways, redesigned tubes shapes, acceleration assist BB stiffness, steeper seat tube angle; low, drag resistant seat stays with all new Aero Brake Tech smooths airflow by concealing the caliper from wind. Increased trail values and comfort optimized CEEPO geometry places the rider in a low, streamlined position. Advanced, yet, travel easy. Viper is simple to assemble without compromising components or bike position.  


43(S) /47(M) /53(L)

Compatible Groupset:

Electronic groupset Only



FSA K-Force WE

Classified PowerShift Hub

Crankset Min/Max:

Min: 30T
Max: 53T

Bottom bracket:



FSA NO.55R 1.5” ACR headset

Stem Size:

S-80mm, M-90mm, L-100mm

Brake & Rotor:

Flat Mount,
Rotor: 160mm Max.

O.L.D. & Axle:

Front: 100mm x Ø12,
Rear: 142mm x Ø12

Seat post:

CEEPO tri-seat post (reversible)

Frameset info:

Frame: 1,127g (M size, naked) 
Fork: 506g (uncut steerer 300mm, naked)

Carbon info:

Japan Toray ®

Tire Clearance:

Max 28c


Metallic QuickSilver



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